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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Nonprofits Team up to Motivate Students


Brave Enough To Fail and Kiwanis Club Foundation of Greater Danbury are extremely pleased to announce our new partnership.
The two organizations will work together in providing motivational programming and scholarships to area high schools. 
Area Key Clubs will be invited to sponsor BETF presentations at high schools in Danbury, Bethel, New Milford, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Redding, and Ridgefield. 

Danbury Kiwanis Club President Matt Bartelme commented saying,"We are definitely excited about this opportunity to work with Brave Enough To Fail. They are another nonprofit that is as passionate as we are about enriching the lives of children to build stronger communities." 

Wayne Winsley, executive director of Brave Enough To Fail says,“I’m honored and humbled to have the support of such a great organization as Kiwanis of Danbury. This partnership will strengthen our ability to raise student achievement and promote leadership through service.”

Kiwanis member Foster Crawford, a former assistant superintendent of schools in Waterbury and Stamford indicated that, “Brave Enough To Fail is an excellent motivational tool to help students believe in themselves and to set and achieve high personal goals.” 

The goal is to begin presentations and award the first scholarships this school year.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

None Better than Leora Levy

Republicans haven't had a whole lot of good news this political season both nationwide and here in Connecticut.

It was very sad news indeed, to learn earlier this month that after four decades of service to the Republican Party in various capacities, Pat Longo will not seek another term as Republican National Committeewoman.

      Pat Longo

In politics, true friends are as rare as fancy pink diamonds and twice as valuable.
I am both honored and humbled to be able to call Pat Longo my friend.

Ms. Longo has been a trailblazing stalwart whose grace, expertise, and determination has been a guiding light for Republicans both here and in Washington.
Pat Longo leaves a void that is hard to fill.

That is why, it is good news indeed for Connecticut Republicans that Leora Levy is being considered a likely successor to the post.

In this writer's opinion, there is none better than Leora Levy to serve as the next Republican National Committeewoman for the great state of Connecticut. 

       Leora Levy

Mrs. Levy is a tireless crusader whose hard work and dedication have already been paying great dividends to both the RNC and CTGOP for years.

I do not know Mrs. Levy very well personally.  We have spoken at length only once, during a meeting hosted by she and her husband Steve.

But first impressions are key. Leora immediately impressed me as a warm and gracious person who has a deep and abiding love for the country in which she lives and the party to which she faithfully volunteers so much of her heart and soul.
She is a leader with a servant's heart. It doesn't get much better than that.

For Connecticut Republicans, this news that Leora Levy may be our next Republican National Committeewoman should be as welcome as cool rain after a season of drought.

The Conservative Capitalist
Wayne Winsley

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Morality Matters...A Lot!

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

John Adams, signer of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our second President.

Freedom requires morality. The founding fathers knew this and it remains just as true today as it was then.

We can't trade our morals away in the name of ANYTHING and expect to keep our free republic.   It simply won't work.

It won't work because without morals to regulate our behavior, the government has to.

Which is why some in our government are so in favor of anything that degrades, ridicules, and destroys morality.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Give Thanks for America

When we read the news headlines and see in social media, the images of unrest, mayhem, and despair, it is easy to forget where it is that we really live and what that really means. 

Thanksgiving as we celebrate it, is an American holiday. America, warts and all, is worth being thankful for.

There is one place, one shining place on earth where any individual can begin with absolutely nothing, yet go on to become, do, and achieve anything he or she wishes, through a combination of education, determination, and hard work. That place is the United States of America.

As long as we protect the freedoms, principles, and moral foundation upon which the founders built this nation, America will remain as a blazing beacon of hope for the rest of the world. 

I am thankful for being blessed to live in America.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Path to Victory for CT Republicans

We all know the results of election 2014 in Connecticut. With the exception of some gains in the state legislature, once again the red wave that rolled across the nation, parted when it reached the borders of the nutmeg state, leaving us with just a sprinkle rather than the cleansing wash for which we so fervently hoped.

At the federal and statewide level, once again our candidates lost across the board, although two of our under-ticket candidates came within a hair's breadth of victory. (More on them shortly)
It is safe to say that the voters of Connecticut chose not to buy what our Republican candidates were selling.

What about Connecticut donors? 

I did some cursory research. I simply went to the Open Secret website, looked up the total CT. Republican contributions and subtracted the campaign totals to see what was left.

In 2013-2014 Connecticut political donors gave over thirteen million dollars to Republican candidates and parties. ($13,359,763) They just didn’t give it to candidates in Connecticut.

*Greenberg $1,589,000   (this number is actually less because Greenberg loaned his campaign about 900K)
Debicella $1,174,000
Brown $15,000
 Cavanaugh $88,500
Corey $21,000
Total =$2,887,500 in CT and $10,472,263 out of state.

Less than three million dollars went to Local candidates and over 10 million dollars went to Republican candidates and causes elsewhere. By the way, in 2012 Republicans gave over 35 million dollars of which, less than 8 million went to Connecticut races.

There is a lack of confidence in Connecticut’s Republican brand on the part of Connecticut’s Republican donors.

There is a lack of confidence in Connecticut’s Republican Brand on the part of voters both inside and outside of the base.

The drumbeat has already begun for a new face at the helm of CTGOP.

I would offer this. If change is to be made, what is needed is not a “manager” or a “party insider”.

What is needed is SOMEONE who is a visionary leader with the capacity to effectively articulate the conservative vision and principles to both groups in a way that they can understand and embrace. 
In short, we need a leader who can sell the Republican brand in Connecticut.

But what about the formidable Democrat ground game? How do we compete with that?

The key to an effective ground game begins with having people on the ground in the communities in question. This is achieved by showing up and forming & cultivating relationships within those areas. The time to show up is not September of election year. The time to show up is NOW. Show up and show genuine concern for the issues and challenges facing the people of our large communities.
By showing up, we have the opportunity show our principles in action. By showing up and forging relationships we begin to build a base of boots for the ground and votes for the ballot box

How do we get CT. Republican donors to be more supportive of Connecticut candidates?

Make no mistake. CT donors are very savvy individuals who already fully understand and embrace conservative principles and vision. THEY JUST DON’T SEE THEM HERE, which is why they don’t contribute here. They want their hard earned dollars to make a difference and tend to support conservative candidates and causes that they have confidence in and that have a strong base of support from others, like from the party. 

Currently, when good conservative candidates of principle and vision seek the support of many major donors, those donors are fully aware that the current vision and direction of Connecticut's Republican Party is...something different. Why then would they invest? After all, they didn't become wealthy by being stupid with their money. 

When Republicans in the state with arguably the richest donor base in the nation show something different, THEN perhaps donors will show something  

That brings us to the argument that conservatism sells everywhere else in the country but doesn't sell in Connecticut.

How then did Peter Lumaj, a candidate who from his own mouth, is absolutely and apologetically conservative, come so close to becoming our Secretary of the State?

How did Tim Herbst, who has been a firm, steady fiscal conservative leader of his town, come so close to becoming our Treasurer?

They did so by offering voters a clear and different alternative to what they have now. Neither man ran as a watered-down version of their opponent. They sold conservatism in a manner that appealed to a wide audience and they found a surprising number of buyers.

The Republican Party of Connecticut has two choices.

1: Find leadership that can effectively sell the Republican brand, energize our base and increase our presence and impact in the urban and unaffiliated voting blocks.  


2:  Continue with more of the same and continue to be ignored by both voters and donors.